Accelerate Your Keto Results in only 4 Days

The Keto Results Challenge 3.0 Starts In:


Take Control of fat loss with the ketogenic diet, fasting and exogenous ketones...
AND make it an Easy lifestyle... So that Your Fat Loss Stays! 

an all out event where you can make a big Leap forward, have fun, Make Friends, win Prizes and help raise awareness in Europe about the value of ketogenic diets & fasting

Because You Don't Want to Wait Any Longer for Results...

Here's What This is All About: Results Acceleration & Pushing Europe Forward

#1 Challenges Get You More Results than Courses

Get inspired. get supported. have fun. and hit your weight loss goals.

The Keto Results Challenge is about you and your friends taking action.

It's not a course. Because courses don't work. You can learn everything. But if you've been working on your health or weight loss a while, you already know that knowing something - doesn't make it happen.

What makes it happen is it being easy so it becomes a natural lifestyle for you. And the reality is that most of what makes it easy is the environment you're in.

When you are surrounded by friends working on the same weight loss goals. When you have clear easy steps to follow. And where you see people like you succeeding... it becomes effortless.

#2 europe lags far behind the uSA in keto & fasting... 

Few know what it is. Few search for it. Few benefit from it.

Interest and use of the ketogenic diet and fasting has always lagged behind the USA.

The problem with this is it makes living the lifestyle harder for everyone in Europe. We have less access to knowledge. There are fewer health professionals educated in these tools. There are fewer food and nutrition products to help make the lifestyle more convenient.

And ultimately... we believe there's more suffering, because ketogenic diets and fasting can make a real difference to people's weight loss success and health.


Learn From Keto & Fasting Pioneers Developing Breakthrough Knowledge on What Works vs. Does Not

5 Years

In Keto, Fasting & Exogenous Ketones Research

Ketosource Was Founded in 2015 to Help People Achieve their Personal Health Goals with Specialised Knowledge in Keto and Fasting Science. 

We didn't start working with keto when it became a fad. We started Long Before it Became "cool". 

And we do it - because we believe in it.

Over 23,000

People Helped in Our Community

We've helped over 23,000 people make better use of the ketogenic diet, fasting and exogenous ketones. 

We talk to hundreds of people every week to advise, troubleshoot and Help them Use the latest in Keto science. 

Our Single Reason for Being is to Enable You to Live Better with these amazing tools.

22 Years

Experience Living Keto & Fasting Lifestyles

everyone in the Ketosource science team lives keto and fasting lifestyles themselves. Some of us have been living this way for over 10 years.

so we've also tried and tested the easiest and simplest ways to make this work.

We make science actionable for you by giving you simple actionable steps.

become part of a community where we'll support & inspire each other over 4 days and beyond...

You may know that ketogenic diets, fasting and exogenous ketones are effective for fat loss. 

But you haven't yet got started with these tools. Or you'd like to up your game and make the most from them!

Why a Community?

Research shows that we attain our goals more easily when we are surrounded by people like us. It motivates us. It supports us. And it makes it fun - which means we keep doing it!

A Private Facebook Community 

During the 4 day challenge there are a lot of community activities organised, and these will mostly take place in the facebook group.

 These will include live streams of the members as they complete their challenges and scheduled events with experience shares from both members and experts on their keto & fasting journeys.

Your Team During This Keto Challenge

Over 4 Days You'll Work with a Passionate Team Who Study the Science and Live the Lifestyle Themselves.
Real People who have lived through and Overcome similar challenges that you May be facing now.

Damien Blenkinsopp

Founder of Ketosource and host of the popular health tech/ data podcast, The Quantified Body.

Passionate about empowering people with health tools that give them reliable resultsLiving a keto & fasting lifestyle for over 10 years.

Dr. Zach Sellers
Workshop Days 2 & 3

Completed PhD in microbiology and immunology, and a strong background in biochemistry. 

Zach has been self-experimenting with the ketogenic diet, fasting and the carnivore ketogenic diet for 3 years. 

Erin Bellamy, MSc
Workshop Day 1

A current PhD researching the role of ketogenic diets in mood enhancement and anxiety reduction. Erin has a strong interest in ketogenic diets for weight loss and female health.

She has been living a Carnivore-Ketogenic lifestyle for 5 years.

Matt Carpenter, MSc
Workshop Day 3

A current PhD researching methods to optimise exercise performance in keto-adapted athletes vs. the efficacy of carbohydrates.

Matt works with people on body composition and sports performance

And.... Some Amazing Guests Will Be Announced Soon.


Information that works

Join the Ketosource Science Team and other Experts LIVE every day for 4 days at 5:30pm BST (London) / 12:30pm EDT (New York) to gain the edge on fat loss.. 

By the end of the 4 days you'll know everything there is to know about using the ketogenic diet, fasting and exogenous ketones to hit your goals.


Daily Steps to Make it Real

Each day during the Keto Results Challenge you’ll be given ONE step to take that will put that day’s training into ACTION. 

This is your accountability partner, your momentum builder and your implementer so that by the end of this challenge you’re already on track to your fat loss goals! 

And it’s how you become most likely to win amazing prizes given out DAILY... And in the huge giveaway at the end!



Diets are notorious for causing "Yo-Yo" weight loss... where you lose.. regain.. lose... regain. That's a waste of time.

The solution is to turn your nutrition into a natural lifestyle.

Over the 4 days we will give you the simple methods, tactics, and the mindset to attain your fat loss goals...  

But it doesn’t end after 4 days. We have to make this stick.

If you go ALL IN, show up live every day and complete your daily challenges then you’ll be empowered to live a keto, fasting and ketone lifestyle that makes it your new permanent reality!


Here's What Participants Of The Keto Results Challenge 1.0 Say About How It Helped Them Get Keto Results...

You Can win in big Giveaways

here are the prizes you can win if you go aLL iN...

Keto & Fasting Product Packages

From new Ketosource prototype products, to our existing European bestsellers, to other best in class products from other leading brands we've partnered with. 

Member Programs Access

Access to exclusive member programs including coaching, online course vaults, an exclusive community, product discounts and more. Basically, everything you could need to make living a keto & fasting lifestyle easy.
 Premium Access

The Ketosource App is an advanced mobile app that integrates the latest support for the ketogenic diet. It removes and automates most of the work involved in maintaining a Keto Lifestyle. And gives you accurate science-based feedback on your progress. Access advanced features usually reserved for premium subscribers.

Advanced Workshops

Some people love to learn to an "advanced level". Work directly with Ketosource's specialised analysts in small workshop groups and learn about the cutting-edge in health optimisation, ketogenic diets, fasting and ketones.

the results

Here Are the Actual Fat Loss Results Participants of the Keto Results Challenge 2.0 Have Achieved to Date...

(Results shown in Waist-to-Height Ratio - WHtR)

About These Results

The chart shows the average progress of participants since the Keto Results Challenge 2.0 in January 2021.

Participants had different starting points. So the results reflect the average of the participants.

Their waist measurements for the calculations were self-reported via the

About the WHtR (Waist-to-Height Ratio)

The WHtR (Waist-to-Height Ratio) is the best science-based metric to track the progress of fat loss results.

Research studies show clear cut-offs for reducing mortality and long term health risks at the 50% cut-off level.

It also removes the biases that other measures like weight and BMI (Body Mass Index) suffer from. So it is a better and more accurate measure of fat loss progress.

The WHtR is calculated by dividing your waist by your height. 

you don't have to wait for the right moment. with this free program you'll get everything you need to gain control of your weight.

The people who live a life where their weight isn't a concern aren't lucky. They have habits, behaviours and a lifestyle that lead naturally to their ideal weight.

Ketogenic diets, fasting and exogenous ketones are new tools backed by science that make your fat loss journey natural and enjoyable.

Take advantage of the latest in this science to make 2022 the year you mastered your weight. The year you broke through to enjoy better health - and confidence - and started to really make the most of your life.

You may have doubts. You may be hesitant. You may not want to be disappointed.

Make a decision to overcome that now and take a chance on a community that will welcome, support and motivate you from day one.

We want to coach you for 4-days (and just 8 hours total) for FREE to make sure this is your breakthrough year.

You'll receive the best trainings to feel confident and in control of your fat loss. You'll make friends and meet peers on the same journey who will inspire you. You'll have a lot of fun. You'll look back afterwards and know you made the best decision you could have to start 2022 with a bang. And never look back.

This challenge starts January 20th, 2022 and once we start, there’s no slowing down. Hurry and take action now to join Damien, and the Ketosource team to craft the NEW you in this crazy new world. 



about the team behind the challenge

Here's what people say about the team that has
built this challenge for you

Ketosource is an amazing company, with very friendly and helpful people and I have found their programme and coaching to be the only successful way to lose and maintain weight.  Thank you

sue mcevoy

Team are excellent at simplifying the steps to get results, taking care to regularly review how I'm doing and then providing further guidance and gentle corrections.

james kearns

This programme works! I can eat the things I love and haven’t missed carbs at all in the 5 months. Coaching is quality and consistent.

graeme cann

I have been following the program for more than seven weeks, results are fantastic so far. Erin was amazing, her support and advice has helped put me on the road to feel better! I would highly recommend this program.

Reem hazim

I love love love the Ketosource team and everything they stand for! They are always at hand with research backed science that is practical to apply in day to day life and the coaching is second to none.

I finally feel like I have the perfect balance between having a coach to keep me accountable and guide me through my heath journey, whilst being encouraged to find a path that’s going to work for me as an individual.

Thank you for everything you do guys! 

angie white

I love being a member of the Ketosource community. It’s a knowledge, caring and resourceful place to be.

I have received coaching from Erin since 2018 and now benefit from the online support community. Erin is always warm, funny and super supportive, as are the other members of the group. 

Having struggled with obesity all my life, I thought that at aged 62 I would never be a healthy weight. I have been amazed by the Keto lifestyle. I dropped 38lbs with very little exercise and never feeling hungry.

I really recommend Ketosource.


The advice given to me was easy to follow and the coaches at Ketosource are really knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. 

steven sheldrake

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the Keto Results Challenge has been made possible by...

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*and earn a shot at daily prizes like free products and memberships!

*By providing this contact information you give Ketosource express written authorisation to contact you via email to discuss new updates and share additional services or products provided. Welcome to the challenge!

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