Get Ketosis & Ketones Right the First Time to Reach Your Goals Faster
We provide specialized coaching on leveraging ketones, ketosis, ketogenic diets and fasting protocols to achieve goals such as performance enhancement, longevity promotion, inflammation reduction and fat loss.

Through coaching we help you to:

  • Optimize ketosis with minimal adjustments to diet and lifestyle
  • Provide clear guidelines for use (or not) of any ketone promoting supplements to achieve goals (e.g. C8 MCT, exogenous ketones)
  • Step by step walk through of lab and home testing to troubleshoot and optimize ketosis, keto-adaptation and ketone metabolism
  • Guidance and coaching on fasting protocols (Intermittent Fasting, Periodic Fasting, Cyclic Fasting, Fast Mimicking Diet) to meet body composition, regeneration and longevity goals.

If you are serious about getting results and willing to do what it takes, send us some brief details on your goals and challenges and what you have been doing to date by submitting this form.

We’ll get back to you with the coaching project we believe will get you to the results you want.

Important note: Our coaching nearly always involves data-collection after the first step of getting you set up with the basic best practices. Everyone’s metabolism and history is different – so data collection via blood meters and other devices is essential to optimize for the best results.

Coaching is undertaken via our online Zoom video conferencing service – there is no need for you to be based in London, UK.

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