The Last Steps...

Awesome to have you with us!

I'm looking forward to seeing you in the community.

Here's the last couple of steps to get inside and start making the most of the Ketosource community and its resources:

Step 1: Set Your Password

Check your email inbox for an email from "SLACK" to activate your "Ketosource Community" access. It has a Big Green "Join Now" Button.

Click that, create your password, and your account will be activated.

Note: If you can't find the email in your inbox, please check your 'promotions' and 'updates' tabs in Gmail, and your junk folder in other email programs.

Step 2: Download Slack for Your Mobile or Desktop (or don't?)

Download the Slack App so you can access the community the way that suits you (it's on mobile, desktop and web versions).

If you just want to use the web.. no need to download. Just sign in online here.

Tip: Everyone in the Ketosource team prefers the app. We use it on both desktop and mobile as it has more functionality and we can access it on the go, wherever we are - in airports, buses etc.

Step 3: How to Get Involved and Connect with Us

Sign in via your app or via the web and click on the "#I-Am-New-Here" Channel.

Say "Hi!" there and you're off!!

Do you already know some of our analyst team?

Simply put an "@" in front of their first name to tag them and let them know you're there. This works the same way as instagram, facebook and other platforms you may be familiar with.

Example: Type "@damien I'm here!" and I'll get notified.

The analyst team's handles are @erin, @zach, @matt, and @grace.

Last Words...

As always if you need any help just let us know!

Of course, with Ketosource Community Slack this will now be much quicker and easier. You have direct access to us there. So just tag us when you need help šŸ™‚

Talk soon!


Founder @ Ketosource
Also host of The Quantified Body podcast