Welcome to Community Keto Experiments!

As a community we work to bring clarity to Keto Questions where there is confusion. We run well-controlled experiments and get data-driven answers that people can trust.

We run experiments as a community. We pool our ideas together. We vote for the best ones. We run the experiments together – sometimes at large Keto London Community events or in smaller groups.

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  • Learn from Experiment Results: Check out results from past experiments by clicking “Completed Experiment Results”.
  • Vote on the Best Experiment Ideas: Browse other people’s experiment ideas and upvote the ones you’re interested in. The experiments with the most votes get organized and run next!
  • Submit Your Keto Experiment Idea: Want a data-driven answer to a question you’re unsure about? Click the “+ Submit Idea” button to add your experiment idea or the question you want answers to.