Ketosource Offers & Promotions

Ketosource doesn’t run discounts or coupons. This is because I’ve already set our products at the best cost for customers I can.

And yes, I know the products aren’t cheap. It’s because they’ve been designed to be the best.

That includes the ingredients and new innovative production processes. So, unfortunately, that costs more money to produce.

As we are still a small start-up company, our costs are also higher. As we grow this will improve.

One of my top goals is to reduce our costs over time so that I can reduce our prices. The idea being that this will better empower you by making the products you love more accessible to you. I’m constantly working on it.

When I achieve cost reductions I announce the new prices in the Keto Update newsletter.

Thanks for joining us on this journey. And hope to connect with you in one of our events or elsewhere!


Founder @ Ketosource