Members option: relevant if you Are 100% committed to achieving your fat loss goals and making them stick

To ensure fat loss becomes a Permanent Lifestyle for you.
You must commit to Four Decisions.

Decision #1


Decision #2

Schedule REPS

Decision #3

Add Positive Social Reinforcement

Decision #4

Track to
Stay on Track

The members program adds all four decisions for you.
just Join. then we will go all-in & make the decisions happen for you.

Join the Members Program

The Members program Has Been Opened up for New Members.
Places are limited due to Our limited coaching capacity and sign up closes at midnight 25th January.

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Sign Up is Now Closed Until KRC 3.0 in July.

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Members Program

When you're 100% Ready to make it happen - If there's a Higher Level of Commitment you're going to go aLL-iN on it.

The members program is that next level – where you can continue your journey with the maximum support to reinforce your path to fat loss. 

And this is your chance to make that happen!

Getting Members access is an intimate experience in small groups of a maximum of eight. In these groups, you get 1-on-1 coaching, you work towards your goals with other members on a similar journey, you increase your accountability... and you get support for the times it's not quite going your way.

This members program is limited because we want to keep this as an intimate experience. So hurry and sign up before all of the spots are full...

When you join the Ketosource Members Program, you’ll get:

Coaching by the KRC 2.0 Speakers via Zoom in Weekly Check-Ins and Monthly Deep-Dives

Decision #2 & Decision #4

Schedule Reps & Track To Stay On Track

MONTHLY ZOOM COACHING CALL: This is the main event of the month with an hour long call. We get together, update each other on progress, troubleshoot any 'plateaus' or lifestyle obstacles. We often do REPS on topics based on the needs of your group (i.e. what topics have come up over the past month).

WEEKLY ZOOM CHECK-IN CALLS: We've found that weekly check-in Zoom calls is really helpful to keep you on track. They are quick calls of 10 to 20 minutes just to check-in, connect and help keep you stay on track.

TRACK TO STAY ON TRACK: The is an integral part of your coaching. It helps to track your progress accurately and show it within an evidence context (i.e. is your rate of fat loss normal, and how far you have to go to your ideal weight). You'll simply add your latest measurement to the app in the morning on your coaching check-in day. We review the group's results together, troubleshoot and help where necessary, and support each other.

Exclusive Small Group Coaching & Private Members Slack Community Access

Decision #3

Add Positive Social Reinforcement

You will find that you naturally get to know and connect with others on the same journey in our small group coaching zooms.

The small sized group coaching (maximum 8 people) works perfectly to add positive social reinforcement. You'll find your group is the perfect place to share the weekly struggles, learn from each other and celebrate each others progress.

Outside of the group coaching calls you also have access to your group in a private channel in the members community (just for your group). As you get to know each other, you'll find this is the place to share the weekly ups and downs - which inspire, support and push the group forward as a whole.

You'll also have access to the wider members community in other channels in the private Slack Community app. Slack is the most widely used community app in the world, and fosters better relationships and communication.

The Private Members Slack Community

Vault of Keto, Fasting and Ketones Courses & Workshops

Decision #2

Schedule REPS

With your members program subscription you get access to the Ketosource Vault.

This is a private course & workshop vault which contains all of Ketosource's trainings, workshops and expert guest interviews.

The vault is constantly growing with new video trainings as Ketosource continues its research and upgrades and adds to its knowledge of what works for fat loss and other goals.

Your vault access works with your desktop, laptop or phone. You can listen or watch them on the go via your phone, or when you're at peace at home on your computer.

Access any time to maximize your "Schedule Reps" decision - and make this a permanent lifestyle for you.

Example courses and workshops in the vault include:

1. The latest complete version of the Keto Results Challenge trainings (this will be 2.0 currently and include all 4 days of the main challenge trainings)

2. Ketogenic Diet: Female Hormones, Pregnancy, Fertility & PCOS (Guest Expert - Carolina Cartier Msc - KetoBabies)

3. Ketones for Migraines & Brain Energy Metabolism (Guest Expert - Elena Gross PhD) 

4. Advanced Workshop: Data-Proven Health Optimisation Shortcuts (Damien on his 10 year plus N=1 experimentation results)

5. Making the Most of the In-Depth Walkthroughs, Explanations and Q&A (To be Added Post-KRC 2.0)

6. Advanced Workshop: Keto Science & Potential Applications (To be Added Post-KRC 2.0)

7. Advanced Workshop: Fasting Science & Potential Applications (To be Added Post-KRC 2.0)

8. Advanced Workshop: Exogenous Ketones Science & Potential Applications (To be Added Post-KRC 2.0)

9. Advanced Workshop: Tracking Results & Troubleshooting (To be Added Post-KRC 2.0)

And... New Guest Expert Deep-Dive Interviews Added Quarterly...

5% discount on all orders of Your Keto, Fasting & Ketone Supplies

You may have keto or fasting toolkits you are adding to your lifestyle that make it easier.

Examples are: Ketone Coffee, C8 MCT Oil or Powder, Electrolyte Drink Mixes, Net Carb Replacements or others.

This 5% discount just helps you to reduce the cost of these and make it a bit easier.

The discount works in both the UK and the EU* Ketosource stores.

*Expected launch of the EU Ketosource store which ships locally in Europe is mid-February 2021.

If you're 100% committed to make this happen now - don't let this opportunity pass you by. 

Take this quick step to join the Members Program now. Then we'll take care of this for you - and make it happen.

I'll see you on the inside 🙂

I and the team are looking forward to serving you,

Remember to use the KRC 2.0 discount coupon on checkout for 25% Off*


*Valid Only for this intake. The Intake Finishes When countdown reaches zero.

The KRC 2.0 Special Discount Has Expired

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