Preliminary Results on Ketone and Glucose Response


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Ketone Bar Reviews

Michael Weedon – Total Immersion Swim Coach/ Yoga Teacher

Paul, London

“I am an amateur boxer and have been using a targeted ketogenic diet for the last year or so to help make weight. I still have carbohydrates around my training sessions but try to stick to keto at all other times. This approach allows me to generally eat more and still lose weight, meaning I always have sufficient energy for training and never have to starve my self. I am very active and sometimes feel the need to bridge the gap between meals however.

These bars are perfectly filling and allow me to stay in ketosis, so would be perfect for during the times I’m not training. They also would make a delicious guilt free dessert for after dinner. They are like chocolate fudge with a soft, chewy texture and are full of natural, healthy ingredients. Can’t wait until these are available to purchase. The majority of low carb bars out there at the moment are protein bars and I would rather have these Ketone Bars in my cupboard as my go-to snack as their nutritional profile is much better suited for a keto lifestyle. These are honestly the best low carb/keto bars I have ever tasted, 10/10.”

Sarah Derby

“I’ve been following a ketogenic diet for nearly 2 years, I started primarily for fat loss, but I soon found I benefited in other areas such as improved sleep and a huge reduction in anxiety and panic attacks so I plan to continue long term.

I was particularly interested in these bars as I often need something to grab on the go, other bars I’ve found that are suitable in terms of carb count tend to have a crazily long ingredients list packed with lots of artificial ingredients, the Ketone Bars appeal to me because of the clean ingredients, and they certainly didn’t disappoint in terms of flavour!

Soft, and chewy, almost fudge-like with a great chocolate taste without being overly sweet! Very filling, 1 bar kept me full all afternoon.

I saw a slight increase in ketones and my blood glucose didn’t increase. Can’t wait for these to go on sale so I can replace my occasional use of Carb Killa & Quest bars. I wouldn’t hesitate to eat the Ketone Bars more often than I do the other brands because of the ingredients.”

A.H., Somerset

“I am in my mid 50s and have been following a ketogenic diet since 2004. In the first few years, I lost 50% of my body weight and my BMI is now 23. I continue with a ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting in order to maintain my weight, feel well and to hopefully discourage my breast cancer returning. The new Ketosource bars are excellent. Very rich and chewy with a good dense chocolate flavour. They are extremely filling – I had one for lunch and really wasn’t hungry for the rest of the day. In future, I would probably just eat half at a time as a treat. After eating one the rise in my blood glucose was minimal and I had a very small rise in ketones. The ingredients look very clean and in future I would definitely buy them, using them perhaps as an occasional dessert or on days when I am travelling as a convenient meal.”


“I’m 39 years old and 5 foot 6 inches tall. I’ve been on keto for 9 weeks and have lost 26lb in that time. I was interested in testing the keto bar because I’ve really struggled to find anything to eat on the go or to take with me when I’m running. Most snacks are carb heavy so it was great to hear there was something out there that was tested and effective for those of us leading a keto lifestyle.

I am hypothyroid and take NDT and T3 for this condition.

I ate half of the first bar when I completed a 5k Park Run. It was really satisfying and it kept be full until I got home and had lunch. I ate the second half in place of breakfast the following morning. The texture is nice and chewy and they have a decent chocolate flavour. I detected a slight aftertaste that I wasn’t crazy about but it was subtle and wouldn’t put me off eating them.

The second bar I ate all in one go for the ketone level testing. I had lunch (omelette and avocado salad) at midday and had the bar around 2:30. I found it really hard to eat the whole bar in one go. They are VERY filling and the flavour got quite intense half way through. I wouldn’t eat a whole one in on go again; I don’t think but would definitely keep one in my handbag to keep me going when food isn’t available.”

Damien Blenkinsopp MBA.
Damien Blenkinsopp MBA.

Damien is the founder of Ketosource and the host of the popular health tech/data podcast, The Quantified Body. He has an MBA from London Business School and both French (ESC) and UK 1st Class Hon. undergraduate degrees. His career has had a data-driven and analytical focus, spanning strategy consulting, market analyst and health tech/data. Damien has a passion for health, longevity and predictable results. The Quantified Body and Ketosource projects are both focused on leveraging data and analytical tools to help people get the results they want with confidence. Damien speaks 5 languages and has lived in 11 countries across 5 continents.